Keeping Up with Jack

Keeping Up with Jack

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Customer Testimonials

"My dogs love Shelby and she takes magnificent care of Desi & Demi, spending a week at a time with them. There are very few people I would trust with my furkids but she is in the top 5! Sometimes I feel they are disappointed when I come home!"
-Rita Laws, Maltby, WA

"Shelby has taken the best care of my girl for the past three years. She is incredibly reliable, professional and loves my pup as much as I do! I would absolutely recommend Shelby's services to anyone with a furbaby."

-Whitney Stenhoff, Kirkland, WA

"Shelby has been working the last 6 months for me as a dog walker in title only... she is so much more.
Most people feel that their dog is the best and special and I'm no exception. My girl is a 5 y/o German Shepherd Dog (GSD) and a 2nd generation Search and Rescue K9. She's credited with 165 live rescues in hazardous--often life threatening conditions in her short life. To her its another job she is preforming...hoping for a treat afterward. To the victims and the people who love them shes hope and another day with friends and family. Shes even saved my own life so yeah, she's the most important and special partner I have. Her care and safety are paramount and those involved with her are subject to intense scrutiny. As a dog walker, Shelby is directly involved with my girl and constantly in the spotlight.
Shelby walks my GSD for 30 minutes 3 & 4 times a week. She does little extras like taking thorns out of my girls paws and drying her off on rainy days. Shelby is punctual, well organized and respects my limitations and requests. I realize that sometimes it'd be easier to pass responsibility to someone else from time to time, but not Shelby. She is thoughtful and caring to a level that's become unexpected and unappreciated. Shelby sets a very high standard for herself and works hard to raise the bar. The qualities I've attempted to describe Shelby brings to the job every time.
My GSD is my partner. My life and more often someone else's life depends on her abilities. Trust is earned never given, Shelby has earned my trust as well as my loyalty and gratitude."
-Glenn Freeman, Woodinville, WA
"Shelby has become one of our family members. We completely trust her with our dog. We trust her in our home and we know that we can count on her to care for our dog as well as we can... maybe even better! Shelby has never cancelled her scheduled visits. She has never been late. Her follow up messaging to us includes a fun and loving update and when necessary, an expression of concern if our dog is not feeling well. From the minute I met Shelby, about two years ago now, I could sense her care and compassion for our dog. We are so grateful for Shelby. We cant imagine anyone else walking our dog. Shelby has been exceptional! We cant say enough about her!!!"
-Jean, Jamie and Monty boy, Bothell, WA

"Shelby has been watching our cats for almost two years. She is professional and reliable which is important to us as one of our cats takes daily meds. It is evident how much she cares about her work by the photo updates provided with each visit."

-Chris Sullivan, Woodinville, WA

"Shelby has become a great addition to our family over the last 2 years. She takes the very best care of our girl Denali when we are out of town on business. Wholeheartedly recommend Shelby to anyone."

-Greg and Silvija Coulter, Bothell, WA

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