Giving Your Pets the Love and Attention They Are Used To

You'll have peace of mind knowing your beloved pet is getting the care that he or she deserves with Keeping Up With Jack.

Below are the services we provide, along with pricing. Rest assured all services are GPS-tracked. You will also receive updates with pictures of your pet after every service!


Dog Walking

Get your pup's muscles moving with a 15 - 60 minute walk!

Dog Walking is our most popular service, which has been developed and perfected for every clients individual needs since Keeping Up with Jack, LLC opened in 2000. We work closely with each client and their animals to implement the best walking routes, techniques and tools. I know you have a busy schedule, so we will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.


  • 15 minutes - $27

  • 30 minutes - $31

  • 45 minutes - $35

  • 60 minutes - $40


Pet Sitting (Dog or Cat)

For kitties: Feed, clean litter box and lots of playtime and cuddles!

For pups: A potty break and lots of belly scratches!

You may choose between a 15 minute or 30 minute pet sitting visit.

  • -15 minutes is just enough for a quick scratch behind the ear and a potty or to feed, scoop litter and get a snapshot of shy kitties. $27

  • -30 minutes is best for pups who like lots of scratches and belly rubs or for kitties who enjoy attention and lots of play. $31

Pet Sitting (7am-4pm)

15 min pet sit  $27

30 min  $31

Additional pet: add $8

PM Visits (5pm-8pm)  add $10

Weekend:  add $10


Slumber Pawty (Overnights)

10 - 12 hours overnight in your home with one 30 minute walk included!

With this option your dogs routine will not be disrupted. Comfy at home, they won't have any adjusting to do. Unlike a kennel stay, they will continue to have their freedom -- and the calm and routine of their regular schedule.

Does your dog need more attention during the day? Feel free to customize your service! We want you to have peace of mind, therefore all of our services are customizable to you and your pets specific needs, just ask us how today!

10-12 hours spent in your home overnight - $150