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Meet Our Team


Shelby Whipple


I graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 2014, and I have been working as a dog walker / pet sitter for more than five years. 

I earned my certification as a veterinary assistant. Having a background in the medical field, I have a deep understanding of the health of animals.  

In case of emergencies, I am CPR and First Aid certified for pets. I also know how to give fluids, medications, take vitals and much more. 


I have always loved animals! I have owned three Maine coons and a tuxedo cat named Boo. My family has a golden retriever and my room mates also own several cats. I seem to always have a pet around me. I have experience with all animals especially the ones with wings and scales. Animals seem to warm up to me quickly due to how I observe and listen to their needs.


At Keeping Up With Jack,  we have a deep sense of commitment to our customers and our profession. Our team are employees. I thoroughly background check, interview, and train our team. Each member is CPR and first aid certified.  Along with having monthly meetings with my employees, I work besides them in the field, to help them become knowledgable with each animal that we care for.

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